225 Responses to Mark your calendar NOW!! ONLY $0.78 for a dozen glazed doughnuts!

  1. wilma Madison says:

    Im ready

  2. Bryant walters says:

    I love when u have s sale on your dough nuts

  3. Pamela Lanier says:

    How do you get them?

  4. tasha says:


  5. Jazz says:


  6. Tameka Mcmillian says:

    I sure love me some krispy kreme I’m marking my calendar

  7. Sherrie Bunch says:

    I Love Me Some Glazed Doughnuts Mmm!!!

  8. Sheila Brown says:


  9. Rhonda Barnes says:

    I just love myself some soft fresh warm Krispy cream doughnuts.Being diabetic cant eat them like I want to But 78$ WOW

  10. Aretha ladd says:

    I love Krispy Kreme

  11. GiGi says:

    Calendar marked

  12. Denise Fitzgerald says:

    Yes love some hot donuts!

  13. tangia hicks says:

    I love hot donuts

  14. Shontay says:

    They are buy one dozen and get the 2nd dozen for .78$! Not just .78$ for one dozen

  15. Benita Farrior says:

    I love to see the HOT SIGN FLASHING.

  16. Admin says:

    Exactly…the second dozen is $0.78 so you are paying $0.78 for a dozen.

  17. Sherelle says:

    I can’t wait

  18. Anthony teer says:

    I can’t wait

  19. Loretta says:


  20. Bailey says:

    Nevermind I seen date and I’m so ready

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. laquette says:

    Great I LOVE when you all HAVE these specials I will be there and will tell family and friends

  23. nicole says:


  24. Chrystal Elvis says:

    !!! DELICIOUS……….

  25. Can’t wait till they open up the one in Gadsden Al I’ll be the first one at the door, can’t get enough of them.

  26. Sheryl Terrell says:

    Love these doughnuts.

  27. Lashunda says:

    So ready

  28. Jeanette Turner says:


  29. marie portis says:

    I always loved Kristy creme donnuts since l was little.

  30. JaKeemia says:

    Yessss I Love They Deals & They’re Donuts !!!!!!! My Favorite Place To Go & Be

  31. JaKeemia says:

    Ggom I Love Donuts Lol

  32. Beverlie says:

    Where? Only at the store locations?

  33. I’m ready now”

  34. I love it. I’m ready for it. Let’s get it.

  35. Lori says:

    Yes… Love them

  36. karen says:

    I’m Ready

  37. Yearlander Williams says:

    Marking my calendar

  38. Kristina Nanna says:

    On the calendar! Can’t wait!

  39. lenell watt says:

    I’m so ready

  40. Judy Sanders says:

    I ready

  41. Nadine says:

    I am soooo ready for these

  42. Chele says:

    I’m ready

  43. Ms.Phat says:

    Will be there

  44. Diane Brooks says:


  45. Gale says:

    Most definitely get them for the family. …July 10th 2015…

  46. Terrell says:

    Hope this offer is nationwide.

  47. Shelly says:

    Awesome!! I’m ready!

  48. Admin says:

    All US and Canadian stores.

  49. Larry says:

    Nice, who doesn’t love Krispy Kreme…Is there a limit πŸ™‚

  50. Lisa says:

    How do you print this coupon?

  51. lois says:

    So ready for this sale

  52. Terrie Moffett says:

    Can’t wait!

  53. Terrie Moffett says:

    Yes I can’t wait

  54. I will be there

  55. Cynthia says:

    Love those good hot glazed donuts. Will be there on the 10th of July. Thanks!

  56. Guin hudson says:

    Yes please

  57. Admin says:

    No coupon needed.

  58. Admin says:


    It does not say there is a limit but bring family and have them get them too!!

  59. Cassandra says:

    Pencil me in

  60. Cassandra says:

    Hot and yummy! !!

  61. amanda cason says:

    I love them. I want them…

  62. Michelle says:

    Where can we purchase them????

  63. CortishaJ says:

    I’m Ready

  64. Lisa Priestley says:

    Luv crispy cream doughnuts ready ready!!!

  65. Bernadette Okafor says:

    I love donuts

  66. Bernadette Okafor says:

    I would like to have some donuts

  67. Sheneque says:

    We love Krispy Kreme!!!

  68. iluvmy6pk says:

    We ready…

  69. Staci says:

    Cool an on my birthday

  70. irene gilree says:

    Wow ,I will be there when.the doors open

  71. irene gilree says:

    Wow,can’t wait.,forget weight watchers for a day.

  72. Sylvia says:

    I will be there . Thanks

  73. michael says:

    I sell them in my area

  74. sabrina jackson says:


  75. Tolanda says:

    Who Run It? Crispy creme

  76. Tolanda says:

    Who Run It? Crispy Creme

  77. Quinnella Rivers says:

    That’s my birthday i know i can get. 2for 1 i need them in my life

  78. Krissyme says:

    I want a lot of them please, pencil me In. Thank you so much yum yum

  79. Lucy Amey says:

    Can’t wait

  80. Brenda Arant says:


  81. Jackie says:

    I’m there marking my calendar

  82. Carmela Hernandez says:

    On Friday JULY 10th
    Buy any dozen, get a 2nd dozen Original Glazed for $0.78 cents (US/CAN)

    You buy the 1st dozen at regular price & 2nd dozen original glazed is only $.78 cents

  83. Cheryl says:

    How do I get them

  84. lisa clapp says:

    I love them hot or cold

  85. darrel says:

    Will be there

  86. Regina Turner says:

    Waiting for this!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I’m ready

  88. Felicia says:

    Yes…yes…yes lord i will be their!!!

  89. Felicia says:

    Yes lord i will be their!!!

  90. Anonymous says:

    2 days after my birthday. I’m so readyyyyy!

  91. Gina says:

    Bring it on!! Whoo!!

  92. Maria Brown says:

    Love Love Your Donuts!!!!!

  93. Netta says:

    Is this world wide

  94. Tina McMasters says:

    I just hope that Krispy Kreme knows about this!!! Last time I saw a “special buy” online, the company didn’t know anything about it!! But I LOVE ME SOME KRISPY KREME!!!

  95. B says:

    Oh I’m there

  96. Admin says:

    United States and Canada

  97. B says:

    You purchase them at Krispy Kreme lol

  98. B says:

    You purchase them at Krispy Kreme ! Lol

  99. Jannie says:

    See you there everyone

  100. Zetaria Triplett says:

    Ready for it

  101. grisselle says:

    This applies in Puerto Rico ? How do i get the coupon ?

  102. grisselle says:

    Inf please !!!

  103. I Luv They Donuts!!

  104. S says:


  105. j says:

    Amazed. Ready to get them

  106. Candice says:


  107. k says:

    As a long term Krispy Kreme employee, this sale is nationwide, only at Krispy Kreme retail stores. Buy one dozen at regular price, get the second dozen for .78 cents. This special is for one day only to celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 78th birthday

  108. Michael Potter-Urbanek says:

    I don’t live by a Kripsy Kreme but have had them, so my question is how could I get this offer. I really do like them and would love to be able to get this offer. Please let me know if I could. Thank you very much. Michael Potter-Urbanek.

  109. Admin says:

    Michael, Unfortunately you have to go in person to get the deal.

  110. Admin says:

    If you have Krispy Kreme in Puerto Rico it would apply.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I want mine!!!!

  112. Andrea says:

    Is this all day on July 10th or just to a certain time?

  113. Anonymous says:


  114. Admin says:

    All day.

  115. Tamika Lewis says:

    Thanks love your doughnuts πŸ™‚ I will be there

  116. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yess

  117. Betty Kelley says:

    I an excited. Can not miss out o this.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Can you buy at a store that sales Krispy Kreme or do you have to go to a Krispy Kreme store

  119. Amanda says:

    Can you buy at any store that sales Krispy Kreme products or only at the Krispy Kreme stores?

  120. Tiffany Walker says:

    Me ready

  121. Bobby Williams says:

    Love those hot and now fresh donuts

  122. Admin says:

    At an actual Krispy Kreme location.

  123. Admin says:

    At an actual Krispy Kreme location.

  124. Lisa says:

    can’t wait

  125. Lloyd says:

    I can wait love me some kreme donuts. I will be on line….

  126. Shonda says:


  127. annie says:

    I love those donuts

  128. Anita says:

    I am so ready

  129. Yanira Rufino says:

    I want , how could I order my

  130. t says:

    How much is a dozen at full price

  131. Cheryl Knighten says:

    This is awesome!! By the way, age has it privileges….if you are 50 or over you can also get a 10% discount at Krispy Kreme….but you have to ask for it and show ID!!

  132. Anonymous says:

    Where can we get them

  133. Anonymous says:

    OMG totally ready for it

  134. Admin says:

    You can call your local store since prices vary.

  135. Admin says:

    You have to go to the store.

  136. Admin says:

    At Krispy Kreme store.

  137. Shay says:

    To Excited… Mmmm Mmmm Guuuud

  138. Shay says:

    To Excited….. Mmmm Mmmm Guuud

  139. Carol Northington says:

    Happy Happy Happy!!!

  140. Maria says:

    Bring it on. ..yummy!

  141. Mike Fielder says:

    Is there a Kristy cream store in columbus, ohio. Thanks

  142. tanya says:

    Oh yeah!

  143. gladys says:

    I am so ready for this day .

  144. Danny jones says:

    Is this just at Krispy cremes or any store that sales Krispy creme

  145. Terrah Siwik says:

    Yummy! My kids had their first one a few months ago and are still craving them!

  146. Hilda says:

    Happy Birthday to me!! Woohoo!!

  147. Lahoma says:

    Yummy my favorite I can’t wait!!

  148. Connie Miles says:

    We all love Krispy Kreme doughnuts

  149. Jean drew says:

    I luv me some Krispy kreme

  150. Admin says:

    Krispy Kreme stores.

  151. Admin says:

    Columbus-West Dublin-Granville Rd.
    10.4 mi
    3690 West Dublin-Granville Road
    Columbus, OH 43235
    Phone: (614) 798-0812

    Columbus- Polaris Parkway
    12.79 mi
    1021 Polaris Parkway
    Columbus, OH 43240
    Phone: (614) 841-7760

  152. Toni Lee says:

    Would be awesome, but we don’t have one in our area

  153. JoAnn Smith says:

    Love Love Love

  154. Sounds like an outstanding deal to me!

  155. Shawna Weatherman says:

    That’s my Birthday. Do I get some free lol.

  156. Jessica ortiz says:

    I get free doughnuts. My husband works for the one in springfield.

  157. Jessica ortiz says:

    I love Krispy kreme. My husband works at the one in springfield.

  158. Connie says:


  159. Anonymous says:

    Love your dougnuts

  160. Kimberly says:

    I’ll be there like swim wear

  161. jerry roe says:

    Can’t wait
    July 10

  162. Sierra says:

    We need a krispy cream in ocala Florida dukin donuts suck………

  163. Sir Reginold Flappywag says:

    Mrs. Obama will shut you down! This is a clean effort to put everyone on the path for Diabetes….. Shame on you and can I have a cup of coffee with those doughnuts?

  164. Anonymous says:

    We will be there

  165. Brenda says:

    Can’t wait!!

  166. Brenda says:

    Can’t wait

  167. Julia says:

    Love these donuts. Can’t wait

  168. Anonymous says:

    I’m so ready

  169. Anonymous says:


  170. kendra says:

    Love this offer ill be there in the am to get mines

  171. arcelia says:

    I’m so ready!! Can’t wait!!!

  172. Alasha Foote says:

    This would be good for work to share with my employees!!!

  173. Lynette Monroe says:


  174. I will b buying donut; lol

  175. Nikita Moore says:

    This is great and it’s on my birthday.

  176. Taby says:

    I am sooooooo ready

  177. Taby says:

    I am ready

  178. Anonymous says:

    I’m in their lol

  179. Erika says:

    All I can say is yummy!

  180. Joan says:

    i love how moist and soft their dounuts are! I don’t like the old donuts that are dry and cakey. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Krispy Creme resturants in Reno anymore. They closed down some on the west coast:( I used to always get an in an out burger, then a Krispy Creme dounut as they are often next door to each other.

  181. Tequila says:

    Can’t wait!

  182. Marilyn Fontanez says:

    Omg i’m so in love with this donuts

  183. Justin says:

    Those with diabetes…eat responsibly!!

  184. lacy gray says:

    Yummm I’m in….

  185. Stacey says:

    So nice and sweet in my tummy no wonder my stomach craves more more yummy yummy. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  186. rhonda says:

    Can’t wait

  187. Sybil Nrown says:

    I love Krispy CrΓ¨me and so do my sister Darlene Godwin who lives in Bismsrk Arkansas and they do not sell Krispy Cream Donuts anywhere near her so I.m going to try and get down and buy some so I can send her some I live 30 miles from a Kristy Cream Can you buy more than one and get one for98 cents?Sure hope so if not I:ll get for her and I”ll get for me laterloe love love them

  188. Admin says:

    Not sure you could call your store and ask them.

  189. Peggy M Brown says:

    I am ready

  190. unknown says:

    So glad I’ll be at the beach I’lll sure be getting me some donuts .. They have the best ones ever

  191. Kenneth says:

    Waiting on the red light, cause I’m happy

  192. Anonymous says:

    Damn! That place is gonna be packed! I’m ready!!

  193. dunno says:

    Damn, that place is gonna be packed! I’m gonna be there too, I’m ready…

  194. Daryl james says:

    God is good

  195. Admin says:

    Real good!

  196. peachez says:


  197. Donnell says:

    Well here we go again. All diet,s on hold.

  198. Ealouise says:

    Wish it was sooner

  199. Roxane says:

    LOVE LOVE Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!!
    For those worrying about over-eating, they freeze well then zap in the microwave.

  200. Terri says:

    I’m there!

  201. Admin says:

    It’s on the post. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

  202. Chrissen says:

    I’m SOOOOO ready I love me some Krispy Kreme!!!!!!!ALL I CAN SAY IS BRING IT ON!!!!

  203. sheeniqua robinson says:

    I’m definitely coming for my share!

  204. Mark says:

    Oh yes. Hot Krispy Kreme, like eating a baby angel.

  205. Cina says:


  206. Cathy says:

    Would love to take advantage if that deal but you have to come to Jackson Tennessee

  207. Bonnie collier says:

    How do U get them

  208. Admin says:

    Bonnie if you have a Krispy Kreme Store in your area.

  209. Robbi Boone says:

    Count me too

  210. Ty says:

    Can’t wait

  211. Denise Kavanaugh says:

    I love me some Krispy Kreme!!!

  212. Peggy says:

    Our Walmarts carryKrispy KremeDonuts can we use coupons there

  213. Admin says:

    No it is not a coupon. It is an anniversary for them and at their store locations.

  214. becky says:

    too bad the closest one is 45 mins away πŸ™

  215. sue roe says:


  216. Anonymous says:

    Kripy Kreme donuts are my favorite. My coworkers always let me know when there’s a special going on.

  217. Janelle Smith says:

    Yes indeed I will be there to get mines.

  218. Shonda Williams says:

    I’m ready let’s get it

  219. Shonda Williams says:

    Can’t wait love me some Krispy Kreme.

  220. vicky says:

    I’m in Tucson Arizona I don’t think we have a store here?

  221. Donnaro Farrar says:

    Yesss lawd I’m ready just makes it on my calendar won’t he do it

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