Where To Find Coupons

Wanting more ways to receive amazing deals and savings?!? Luck with a Buck . Com is your go to source for deals by the dozens. Here are a few more helpful tips on different ways of receiving and finding the deals we all love!

1. Internet Printable Coupons – The internet can be a literal gold-mine when it comes to grocery savings. There any tons of sites that offer printable coupons (Coupons.com, SmartSource.com, RedPlum.com are just a few) Luck with a Buck . Com is an excellent place to print coupons as we post the BEST deals and BIGGEST savings found on the net!
2. Sunday Paper Inserts – The Sunday paper isnt just for the comics section anymore! The majority of manufacturers love to go big with coupons every Sunday and keep competition healthy. Be sure to keep an eye out and have your favorite scissors ready.
3. Magazines – Many different publications make available some amazing savings for dedicated readers. All You, Family Circle, Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping are all perfect examples that usually contain many valuable manufacturers coupons inside.
4. Your Local Store – There are quite a few different sources of cash-keeping inside of your local grocery store most times. There are “Blinkies”, those little red SmartSource machines found on grocery shelves. “Catalina” savings comes from a seperate machine that solely prints coupons at the register at the time of sale. Quite a few stores offer a Tearpad with coupons once inside the store to help promote select products.
5. Manufacturer Direct – Check manufacturer websites for printable coupons! You can also send them an email asking about certain products you enjoy. Lots of money can be saved from showing the manufacturer of products you love a little bit of love in return. A very basic review, testimonial, opinion or even just a simple question can result in substantial savings.
6. Junk Mail – Don’t just throw away all of that junk mail that comes in everyday as you could be throwing out money! To the human eye, it can all look like trash but sometimes there are cash cows hidden. Be sure to keep an eye open before tossing.
If you have any other informative tips and/or ideas on methods of savings and would like to share then email us directly at Luckwithabuck@yahoo.com or get ahold of us on Facebook. Thanks for reading and be sure to share with your friends

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